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DogBitchLake Contest Group SB3W/SC3A

Supporting Tent NA#2

DogBitchLake Contest Group is a team consisting of serious Contesters and DX'ers and was founded this year. The slightly strange name goes back 20 years in time where one of the members during a QSO was asked for the name of the QTH. DogBitchLake is a straight (and very rapid) translation from the Swedish name of the QTH "Hyndtjärn". "Hynd" as in "hynda" is the Swedish word for a female dog (dog bitch) and "tjärn" is a small woodland lake = DogBitchLake :). Sponsoring members: Tomas SM3WMU, Ulf SM3RAB, Hans SM0IMJ, Lars SM3EAE, Thomas SM3DMP, Tore SM0DZB, Eric SM6JSM, Ulf SA3ANZ, Leif SB7W and Henrik SG7A.

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