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Northern California Contest Club (NCCC)

Supporting Tent NA#6

The only West Coast club to win the ARRL Sweepstakes unlimited club competition, a record set 17 times, most recently 2007.

The only West Coast club to ever win the CQ WW club competition.

The club that has been running the premier state QSO party, the California QSO Party (CQP) since 1974. CQP is the most popular U.S. state QSO party and is widely entered by amateurs around the world. Many top contesters use it as a "tune-up" event for CQWW and SS since it opens the Fall contest season.

The club that sponsors NS (NCCC Sprint), the Thursday night 30 minute CW and RTTY contests. The goal is to engage new contesters and give current contesters a "fix" between official Sprints and other contests. Three special CW Ladder competitions of 5 or 8 weeks are run in the Winter Spring and Summer. Scores accumulate week-to-week and special awards are given. In the Spring and early summer, when there are fewer major contests, NCCC runs a 12 event NS series with published ladder results and wine awards. Clickhere for the NS rules and more details on the ladder.

The club that sponsors the Worked All California Counties (WACC) award.

The club that brought you the 1996 World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC-96).

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