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Rochester DX & Contest Club and Minnesota Wireless Association

Supporting Tent NA#5

The Minnesota Wireless Association was established in 1912 to encourage and support excellence in radio operating during a period when the radio waves was a wild frontier. Since then MWA has developed into one of top HF radiosporting clubs in North America while maintaining our heritage of excellence and ethical operating. Members are mentored in both station building and operator skill to increase their scores and enjoyment of contesting.
Based in Minnesota, MWA members primarily reside in the northern plains area of North American and in the states and provinces adjacent to Minnesota. MWA has over 200 members who operate many different HF contests, from state QSO parties to the big 48 hour contests of CQ World WIde DX Contest and ARRL International DX Contest. Members use many modes to participate in these contests, including RTTY, CW and phone.
Among our current members are four CQ Hall of Fame members, individuals who consistently finish in the top five of their category in the U.S.A. and individuals who have organized DXpeditions to rare DX locations.

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