WRTC - The Movies

WRTC 2018 - Germany

Testsession July 2017 - Videos and Interviews by Steffen, DM6WAN

Interview DL1MGB (with sub titles)

Interview DJ2YA (with sub titles)

Interview DL6MHW (with sub titles)

WRTC 2014 Documentary by James Brooks, 9V1YC

WRTC 2010 Russia by TKTV Volzhsk Russia

WRTC 2006 Brazil Documentary

WRTC 2002 Finland by James Brooks, 9V1YC

WRTC 2000 Slovenia

WRTC 1990 - Passport to Friendship produced by WRTC 1990 Organizing Committee: K7SS, K7LXC, KE7V, KS7L, W7NG, KM7E, N7MJZ and KM7E