WRTC 2018 Activity Program

The WRTC 2018 Activity Program was installed to not only to create big pile-ups for the WRTC stations during the WRTC 2018 (July 14th / 15th 2018) in Germany. We also want to honor your effort to make these pile-ups possible. By sending in your log shortly after the competition you help us to do the best possible log checking amongst the WRTC competitors. We hope to create an interesting competition that provides fun for all.

Good luck to all of you!

General Notes

  • Except for the WAWRTC you have to send in your log until Sunday July 15th, 1800z.
  • Send in your log either to the official contest organizer ( or to WRTC 2018 (information about the procedure will be published before the competition).
  • WRTC 2018 will not automatically forward your log to official contest organizer.
  • We will announce the WRTC callsigns on July 12th 2018 during the opening ceremony.
  • The prizes will only be sent to you if you enter your postal address in your log (please use Cabrillo ADDRESS field).

Worked All WRTC Stations (WAWRTC)

  • Minimum one QSO with each WRTC station.
  • No need to send in your log.
  • Award will automatically be generated from competitors' logs.
  • If you think, that one WRTC station didn't get your callsign correct, just send in your log and we will check if you are entitled to receive the WAWRTC.

WRTC Sprint

  • Work all 63 WRTC stations as fast as possible.
  • No matter on which band or mode.
  • Separate scoring for each of the 29 WRTC 2018 qualification regions (see below for more info on these regions).
  • Pick any time frame during the 24 hour contest.
  • The winner of each region will receive a special price.


  • Work as many QSOs with WRTC stations as possible (63 stations / 5 bands / 2 modes = up to 630 QSOs possible).
  • Separate scoring for each of the 29 WRTC 2018 qualification regions (see below for more info on these regions).
  • The winner of each region will receive a special price.

Assistant Judge

  • Special prices will be raffled among all those who send in their log until Sunday July 15th, 2018 1800z.

WRTC 2018 Distance Challenge

  • This award is independent of any geographic region.
  • The kilometers between you and the WRTC stations will be summed up for all QSOs.
  • If you are interested in an exact calculation, please enter your locator in the log (please use Cabrillo LOCATION field).

WRTC 2018 Qualification Regions

Based on the WRTC 2018 qualification process, the scoring for the WRTC Sprint and the WRTC MQ is also done separately for each region. The list of 29 regions is as follows:

AF#NW: CQ zones 33, 34, 35
AF#SW: CQ zones 36, 37, 38, 39
AS#1: CQ zone 17, UA9 in zone 16
AS#2: CQ zones 18, 19, 23 (without BY)
AS#3: CQ zone 20 (asiatic part)
AS#4: CQ zone 21
AS#5: 9M2, 9V, CQ zones 22, 23 (BY), 24, 26
AS#6: CQ zone 25 (HL, JA)
EU#1: ES, JW, JX, LA, LY, OH, OH0, OJ0, OY, OZ, SM, TF, YL
EU#2: 4U1I, C3, EI, F, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW, HB9, HB0, LX, ON, PA
EU#3: ER, EU, HA, OE, OK, OM, SP, UR
EU#4: 1A, 3A, 9H, CT, CU, EA, EA6, HV, I, IS, T7, TK, ZB
EU#5: 4O, 9A, E7, LZ, S5, SV, SV5, SV9, SV/A, TA (European part), YO, YU, Z3, ZA
EU#6: R1F, UA1-6, UA2
EU#7: DL
NA#1: 4U1UN, W1, W2, W3
NA#2: W4
NA#3: W8, W9
NA#4: W5
NA#5: W0
NA#6: W6, W7
NA#7: CY0, CY9, FP, OX, VE1, 2, 3, 9, VO, VY0, VY2
NA#8: KL7, VE4, 5, 6, 7, 8, VY1
NA#9: CQ zones 6, 7, 8, VP9
OC#1: CQ zones 27, 28, 31
OC#2: CQ zones 29, 30, 32
SA#1: CQ zones 11 (PY, ZP)
SA#2N: CQ zones 9, 10
SA#2S: CQ zones 12, 13
ANTARCTICA is assigned to the appropriate CQ zone.