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On August 15th the WRTC 2018 Organizing Committee met for a workshop at Jessen in Saxony-Anhalt. At the beginning of the meeting Michael Jahn, the Mayor of Jessen, was acquainted with the project. Michael Jahn expressed his pleasure about the choice of Jessen as the host of the “Olympic Games of Amateur Radio” and passed his thanks to the radio amateurs of the region for their outstanding work.

Organizing the project was the main focus of the agenda. Treasurer, Wolfhard Goldschmidt, DL9ZWG, reported a good start particularly due to a great number of donations from German radio amateurs. Christian Janssen, DL1MGB, the chairman of the Organizing Committee, presented the tool selected for the project management and explained the project schedule. To keep frictional losses at a minimum public relations work was reorganized with the main responsibility currently in the hands of Michael Hoeding, DL6MHW. In future Ben Buettner, DL6RAI, will look after IT matters.

A further important topic for discussion concerned the 60 sites that will be required for the actual WRTC contest in 2018. Supported by radio amateurs from Saxony and Brandenburg, Andreas Winter, DK4WA, has already mapped more than 80 sites that promise excellent conditions. In this context environmental care was also addressed as this issue is considered most important. In the Organizing Committee Andreas Winter will take regional responsibility for all local activities in the Jessen/Wittenberg area.

With regard to the detailed shaping of the rules of the competition Uwe Koennecker, DL8OBF, has published an analysis and the results of the discussion that he had initiated in the WRTC-2018 Mailing List. In this discussion experienced WRTC-competitors of the past have expertly discussed the pros and cons of MS- and M/2 operation. In the discussions at Jessen further aspects especially from the view of the organizers were supplemented. After this opinion-forming process Uwe will prepare a draft of the rules for the actual WRTC-contest in the course of the next weeks.

Finally it was suggested to hold the next general meeting of the WRTC 2018 e.V. after the RRDXA spring meeting that is traditionally scheduled on the 2nd weekend in March at Waltrop.

About WRTC 2018

World Radiosport Team Championships (WRTC) are being held every four years. They assemble more than 60 of the best 2-OP-teams from all over the world for a competition. Quite different from other radiosport contests, competitors in WRTCs operate with identical power and antennas on level playing fields from the same geographical region eliminating all variables except their own operational skill. Previous WRTCs were held at Seattle/USA (1990), San Francisco/USA (1996), Slovenia (2000), Finland (2002), Brazil (2006), Russia (2010), and New England (2014).

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