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The WRTC2018 Organizing Committee is happy to announce that the WWROF awarded 15.000 USD.  This does not only prove that Hamspirit and worldwide friendship is alive but also the outstanding recognition of an event like the WRTC2018. In a letter to vice-president Michael, DL6MHW, John, K1AR: „The mission of WWROF is to improve the skills of amateur radio operators around the world, utilizing education, competition, advancement of technology while promoting international friendship and goodwill.

The goals of WRTC2018 are well-aligned with this mission, goals that have been capably demonstrated over the past seven WRTC events. The WWROF has no doubt that your team will continue this fine tradition and for that reason is proud to provide our financial support.“
WRTC2018 president Chris, DL1MGB, expresses his sincere thanks to the WWROF: „The donation made by the WWROF during the 2015 HamVention in Dayton shows that there is already a lot of confidence in us and that we are on the right way towards 2018“.
All members of the WRTC2018 Organizing Committee extend their gratefulness to the WWROF for this great support. We all work hard to make the WRTC2018 another once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The World Wide Radio Operators Foundation was created in 2009 by a group of radio operators who saw the need for an independent organization devoted to improving the skill and art of radio operating.
WWROF believes that amateur radio contests provide a means of enhancing operating skills and that worldwide contest sponsors can benefit from the support they can provide. WWROF provides infrastructure support for many major contests as well as a series of Webinars on topics related to radiosport.

The Directors and Officers of the World Wide Radio Operators Foundation are all well-known and highly-regarded radio operators. In addition, each of them provides a specific set of skills and proven success in his professional career for the management of the organization.

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