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Mühlberg / Elbe. (xv) With respect to our world championship, the World Radiosport Team Championship -short WRTC-, organizers require that the communities in which the 65 competition stations are to be set up, be fully informed. "In addition to general information, what the World Championship in amateur radio is all about, discussion of regulatory authority aspects are also required," said Frank Neumann (DM5WF), who travelled to Mühlberg / Elbe, to visit the local government office to check the status of the planned locations and to report on progress. Mühlberg's mayor Hannelore Brendel did not miss the chance to wish the World Championship good luck.

She'll be keeping her fingers crossed for all the teams and maybe the winning team will be one of those transmitting from a site in the Mühlberg on the Elbe area? Frank Neumann has been travelling a lot in the past days and weeks to inform the authorities about the amateur radio world championship. He has also completed all the necessary arrangements with the owners of the sites on which the radio stations will be built for the competition weekend.The 24-hour competition for the world's best "contest team" starts on the 14th of July at 14.00. More than 300 volunteers are deployed to build 65 remote stations. Competition teams from 31 nations are due to arrive. Two radio amateurs form each of the competition teams at the radio station sites. The total of 126 competitors had to qualify between 2014 and 2018 taking part in 32 competitions for the World Championship.  Among them are three German teams. For the first time, the World Championship will take place in Germany. In 2014, the last WRTC was in Boston / USA. The organization is in full swing - just 12 days to the opening of the World Championships in Wittenberg.
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