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Wittenberg. (xv) What are 70 phones needed for, when radio and antennas around the globe are used? "For emergencies and to coordinate in emergency situations, it was absolutely essential to equip the organizational center in Wittenberg with standard, easy-to-use telephones and not smart phones," explains Michael Höding (DL6MHW) from the board of the WRTC 2018 eV "At each location the referee is allocated one of these telephones. This allows him to communicate with the central office if, for example, problems with the competition need to be addressed, "continues Michael Höding.

In addition to these communication paths, the radio amateurs have set up yet another backup: Three repeaters in the 70cm band are connected together to form a network, which considerably increases the range of the radio signals. If one of the repeaters is accessed, the two other connected repeaters also transmit the message. Thus, the transmissions can be heard in the entire area between Wittenberg, Jessen, Jüterbog and Mühlberg / Elbe. This facilitates organizational processes and can be a valuable fall-back in emergencies.
The installation of the 70 basic phones also creates considerable work in this part of the overall organization. "Every phone has to be charged, the SIM card installed and it activated. In addition, we have set up special telephone numbers for the equipment, such as the number of the WRTC hotline or the SMS server, "explains Ben Büttner (DL6RAI), who performed this complex work with Luise Ostheimer (DL2MLU) last weekend. All phones were tested with their prepaid SIM cards and everything worked straight away.
The interim scores of the competition teams are transmitted via a special computer to the scoreboard server in Wittenberg every minute to be displayed there on a large display. However, should this connection fail, the referee can send by SMS, the current score to Wittenberg and this will keep the scoreboard up to date, not on at minute intervals but at least on a regularly basis.
It is just 15 days until the amateur radio world championship starts for the first time in Germany. The last World Cup took place in 2014 in Boston / USA.

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