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Wittenberg. (Xv) The cross-cut saw screams, the cordless drills whir, wood panels are put together and the correct screws are sought out.  There is a busy workshop buzz in the WRTC logistics center. Some time ago, Peter Spies, DB6JG, from Weeze started the work using a CNC machine to cut chipboard into parts for the "WRTC boxes". Last weekend, a group of 20 people met to complete 65 of these transport cases.

The boxes are tailored to the transport vans that will take the equipment out to the 65 locations. "Everything that is needed on the site, including antenna materials arrives packed in the box. Only the mast is transported separately, "reports Andreas" Paul "Paulick, DL5CW. This ensures that nothing gets lost in transit in the vehicles. The mast, antenna, tent and generator accessories are bulky enough but small items tend to disappear in voluminous vans, as most amateurs know from their yearly Fieldday events. Based on this experience, it seemed the obvious choice to have suitable containers for the WRTC equipment and so control the "escape tendancies" of small items such as screws, plugs & the like. In addition to this wood workshop, the last antenna work was carried out. Sixty five rotators are now bolted to their base plates and tested  that they're working correctly.
The guying sets for the masts are also complete. If twenty men work hard they get hungry - but hunger had no chance thanks to the support from Renate Radwan. Paul, DL5CW, commented: "Renate deserves a lot of praise and a thank-you because it is she, who provided us with first-class food service at all our previous sessions in the logistics center!" Another busy weekend for the logistics team is behind them. While the suitcases are packed by the competition participants, the 65 "WRTC boxes" will soon be ready. In 19 days the first German WRTC will be opened. The travel nerves of the contestants and the anticipation of the volunteers and organizers are increasing by the day.

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