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Wittenberg (xv) Almost casually, Robby Pöschk, DM6DX, mentioned in our latest teleconference: "We have the 1300 broom handles and the more than 30 Kilometres of barrier tape along with the more than 65 Dixie portaloos in supplies." That caused some frivolity between the organizers of the WRTC 2018 and some disbelief. Surprised at the 1300 broom handles, the press spokesman asked why so many were needed. "Without air hooks, I can not secure the operators area in the sites," was the answer of the logistics officer Robby Pöschk.

The simple fence is the combination of 20 broom handles each and 500 m of red & white barrier tape to surround the antennas and the station tents at the 65 locations. This avoids anyone tripping over the guy wires, having access to the antennas and tent and possibly causing damage. It still seems unusual though. Who would have thought of broom handles being required for the amateur radio world championship!
The need for toilets is clearly recognizable. The fact that behind the mere ordering of blue lavatories there also lies logistical effort is much easier to explain. The toilets must be set up punctually at the 65 site locations and picked up quickly after the end of the contest.
Robby, DM6DX, talks about WRTC's small and big challenges in logistics: "There are 130 tables, lamps, fans and 198 chairs that are not available at the furniture store around the corner. So we had to order the lamps for the stations directly from the manufacturer. "

Listening to the regularly scheduled teleconferences in the areas of organization, Internet technology and public relations, quickly reveals the immense effort involved behind the scenes for the WRTC. There is the logistical component, with all its facets of acquiring and transferring material such as antennas, masts, generators and station tents. The accommodation and transport of guests, referees and volunteers to finding parking spaces in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg. There are intensive discussions with local authorities in Wittenberg and Jessen. In the organizational teleconferences points are reported, discussed, agreed and arrangements made.
But these aspects are just a few examples that are taken out of the whole context. In the technical area the IT teleconferences move up a level and those without IT knowledge understand nothing. Last of all, how the WRTC is portrayed to the  public through words, pictures and films, and which news reports should be released is covered on the agenda and in the discussions of the PR team teleconference.

For every organizational group in the WRTC 2018, the clock is running and the countdown continues unimpeded to the start of the World Championship. It has a motivating effect on the organizers, the "To Do" lists show not only open actions but also many entries marked as "done". "As this continues, I'm sure that the countdown generates a very positive adrenaline rush and more and more excitement for what is coming," said Chris Janßen, DL1MGB, President WRTC 2018 eV, Sure, because it is now only 45 days until the start of the first ever WRTC in Germany.

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