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Wittenberg (xv) After the final check all sites for WRTC 2018 are confirmed now. The checks proved that all sites are well suited with respect to topographical and interference problems. This is the result that Ulrich Weiss (DJ2YA) and Frank Neumann (DM5WF) arrived at after carefully inspecting more than 80 possible WRTC 2018 sites in the areas round Muehlberg, Jessen and Jueterbog. Ulrich Weiss stated: “When measuring the angles to the horizon in all directions with a theodolite we didn’t detect a single elevation of more than 1° among the occasional enhancements at the horizon. Furthermore, we paid special attention to make sure that the Fresnel Zones round the antenna locations are plain and free of obstructions. And Frank Neumann added “Five of the intended sites did not meet the criteria, however, it is no problem to replace them from the stock of back-up sites that we inspected as well. Our particular concern were the directions towards North America with its great number of potential DX-contacts”. The evaluation team was supported by Andreas Thron (DL8UAT), Wolfgang Tretschock (DL2RSF) and Andreas Winter (DK4WA).

Apart from the evaluation of the topography, all sites were checked for interfering influences by high voltage power lines, wind energy plants or railway lines. With an IC7300 and an active antenna (specially designed by Joerg Logemann, DL2NI, for noise floor measurements) all sites were carefully checked for any kind of interfering noise, for instance from the few power lines in a distance of at least 500m.
“Doing these checks in temperatures of well over 90° Fahrenheit were quite a feat”, Ulrich Weiss pointed out and continued, “and occasional bye-passers shook their heads when observing a car with a strange number plate and an unusual contraption mounted on its roof on our off-road exercises. Each site has a distance of at least 1000m to the nearest neighbor and driving to them all took us more than 600km during these 3 days.”
These activities show impressively how much space (and effort) is required and what challenge it is for the organizing team to provide a “level playing field” for all competitors. The glacial plains between the towns of Wittenberg, Jessen, Muehlberg and Jueterbog help to set the stage for fair contesting between competitors from all over the world. The great event is just 40 days ahead now.
Translated and edited by Ulrich Weiß, DJ2YA

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