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Wittenberg. (xv) How's the competition going? Who is ahead? Where is a particular team? Answers to these questions interest competitors and spectators alike, in every sport - including radio sports. It's about speed not only with the operators at the WRTC stations but also with results reporting. On-line presentation of the current score requires a lot of technical effort behind the scenes! Ben Büttner, DL6RAI, who leads the responsible IT team at WRTC 2018, says: "We want to make sure that from all competition locations, the on-going results in minute intervals are available on a scoreboard similar to a Football league table and at the same on the Internet published on "In order for this to work, special attention is attached to unwanted RF radiation, thermal stability and redundant power when we build the Score Collection Computers (SCC). An important goal is that there should be no disruption during the competition."

The SCCs, which are built on a RaspberryPi base, collect the information required for the presentation of the results from the relevant logbook software at each site and transfer this data via the mobile phone network to a central server. From the results gathered there, the current position table is created and made visible on the Internet for everyone. "We finished building the SCCs over the Whitsun weekend" says Ben, DL6RAI. "Parts for 55 SCCs were assembled to make a total along with the existing 15 machines of 70 devices as required for the WRTC" Ben said.
The idea of a current scores table is not new. The scoreboards were already available in 2002 "on-line", but only current on an hourly basis. At that time, the referees sent messages via SMS, which were then published to the Internet. At the time it was extraordinary and a novelty. At WRTC 2014 in Boston, Bob Raymond, WA1Z and Dave Pascoe, KM3T, developed the SCC concept. When used in 2014, however, it became clear that not all locations could be reliably reached via the local mobile phone network.
Incidentally, a scoreboard for contest participants is not a new idea from the WRTC.
The web site offers up-to-the-minute results tables for all major contests. Many contesters are already taking part. Integration takes place via the Internet. "The scoreboard at is a great facility" says Michael Höding, DL6MHW, responsible for public relations at WRTC 2018. "You can watch the top people driving each other during the contest. This scoreboard is also interesting and useful for normal radio ops as often there are competitors with similar station capabilities to the normal Op. This is fun and transforms the contest into a new kind of direct head-to-head competition. It's like being in the last third of a half-marathon and you want to catch up with the sportsman in the blue shorts ahead of you" comments Michael Höding, DL6MHW.
Translated by Ed Durrant DD5LP

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