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On January 6, the WRTC organizers met in Berlin to discuss final event planning. Because of the very extensive agenda, the meeting started at 8 o'clock and lasted until late in the evening. A total of 14 topics were discussed, from detailed event planning to IT, financing and the management of the volunteer helpers.


With regards to financing, some additional costs still have to be met. The lead fund raiser Rudolf DJ3WE, however is confident that the funds will be raised over the next few months thanks to our donors. The delivery of the station packages from the 1st. of February will be an important milestone.

The big challenge in the next few weeks is recruiting about 150 additional on-site volunteers. In particular, site managers are being sought who will look after the competition sites and the competitors in the field. Many questions were discussed and solutions agreed. For example, it was decided that all on-site helpers would be invited to the grand award ceremony on the Monday evening. In the next few weeks, a special presentation of the active clubs and participants will be provided.

The WRTC 2018 e.V. has implemented the VOTA diploma scheme to recognise the work of the volunteers who will, on air during 2018, give out exclusive VOTA numbers from their own stations that count towards the VOTA award scheme. The diploma and awards can now be applied for via the DCL page on the DARC website.


All previously open questions had solution proposals developed and assigned to the responsible people. There is still lots to do so that German WRTC will deliver the expected success.

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