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(wittenberg, 7th July 2016) During the second weekend of July, exactly two years before the ham radio Olympics in Germany, the WRTC team meets for a first test session in the Jessen/Wittenberg area. We will set up the selected antennas at five sites and test this configuration in a real contest.

The test session addresses several goals. The first is to evaluate the antenna system and the setup procedure with different teams to detect optimization potentials. Furthermore, planning and logistics will be evaluated.

Additionally, we focus on public relations bringing the WRTC spirit to the residents of the region and to regional newspapers and TV stations. Moreover, we check the radio characteristics of the different sites using the world wide CW skimmer network. Beside this, five teams will take part in the IARU HF Championship contest with the goal to find the best team in an internal competition.

The planned callsigns for this radio activity are

  • for the contest: DD5M, DK2O, DR1X, DM5D and DR5L
  • for the CW skimmer test: DB2B, DK7C, DM3W, DP9A and DR3W

The general goal of the test session is to learn and to detect chances for improvement in equipment and processes.


More details:

  • Sites: The five sites represent the maximal extension of the planned WRTC 2018 area. Zossen is the most northern point whereas Elbe-Elster represents the most southern site. Thus, we can evaluate differences in radio characteristics. Moreover, we can spread out public relation activities to the local regions and communities.
  • Planning and Logistics: Despite the fact that only five sites will be occupied in 2016 the test session is a useful and challenging prototype event for the WRTC 2018. For example one kilometer of coaxial cable exceeds by far the quantity used for a standard fieldday station. The test session brings together about forty volunteers from all over Germany, travelling hundreds of kilometers to make the test session a success. This shows the strength of the WRTC idea that has already become alive in the German ham community.
  • Public Relations: WRTC 2018 e. V. has invited journalists from local newspapers as well as from local TV stations to a press conference and a visit of a typical WRTC site. Moreover, the WRTC organizing committee has invited local politicians, landowners, farmers and residents to visit the sites and to learn how WRTC is working.
  • CW-Skimmer Test: Following the approach of WRTC 2014 about 10 CW skimmers in EU and DX will protocol the transmission of the test stations. To evaluate that we have developed a plan defining timeslots, bands and directions for our transmissions.
  • Contest: Two OP teams join the IARU contest in defined contest periods. Because Skimmer test and other activities are quite time consuming only limited time is available for the actual contest. Thus an internal contest has been established to find the test session champion – for our excellent participants this is a real challenge.
  • Team Building: Despite the fact that the volunteers only know each other from the bands and small projects the test session represents a new level in cooperative work. Moreover, many tasks are new and several aspects bear the label “work in progress”. Therefore the social aspect of the test session should not be underestimated.

The WRTC test session 2016 shows the spirit of cooperation and innovation. As a learning organization WRTC 2018 e. V. tries to make an important step towards evaluating the technology and proceedings for a successful German WRTC in 2018.

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