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WRTC 2018 e.V., host of the 2018 World Radiosport Team Championship competition, is pleased to announce that the antennas to be used for the competition will be supplied by Spiderbeam. Spiderbeam was selected after a thorough technical evaluation and competitive bidding process among multiple antenna suppliers.


The WRTC organization committee identified a list of preferred attributes for the WRTC competition antenna. These included being light weight, having good performance, sufficient experience within the helper team, and available at a competitive price. Several antennas met the requirements. The successful bidder, Spiderbeam, provided an antenna with a winning combination that not only addressed the electrical and mechanical performance sought but also provided the option of a rotatable dipole for the 40-m-band.

“Antennas are a critical component to the success of WRTC.” said Andreas Paulick, DL5CW, leader of the WRTC-2018 station committee. “With about 65 stations to build in less than two days, we wanted antennas that could be easy to store and transport and deliver the performance expected by the competitors. Spiderbeam was the best fit for our requirements.”

“Spiderbeam was honored to be asked to contribute to this important and exciting WRTC 2018 event,” said Andreas, DL5CW. "WRTC has personal meaning and significance to several members of the Spiderbeam team, especially to the CEO Con Paul, DF4SA, which have been competitors in many Contest DXpeditions." The Spiderbeam setup includes also mast and rotor support. It will be tested during the test days in summer 2016.

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