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On January 6th, 2016 the WARC-Organizing-Committee met at Wittenberg with a comprehensive agenda and especially the following items

  • evaluated the offers from antenna manufacturers, which we received as a response on our request for quotation,
  • planning of a WRTC-test-weekend on July 9th/10th,
  • preparing WRTC-presentations at ham fairs in Dayton and Friedrichshafen
  • discussion of the WRTC-rules
  • discussion of the IT-concept


There is a lot left to be done especially with regard to funding. Donations from US-donators via WWROF can now be quickly published on the WRTC2018 web page. International donations can be made via PayPal and Wire Transfer to the WRTC bank account. Fees are a lot lower with Wire Transfer. The idea that DARC-districts should sponsor complete site-packages has not found sufficient support and alternative solutions must be discussed.

The currently running qualification receives a lot of praise. Results updated without delay. The great number of hits on the web page with the standings show the high amount of interest. The publication of half-time results is being considered.

Additionally to ham fairs WRTC2018 shall be represented at club meetings and other amateur radio events. Possible approaches for that were discussed. Further information material is being prepared.

The exploration of potential contest sites promises excellent playing fields, while the necessary legal framework and possible environmental restrictions are still waiting to be negotiated. Furthermore, Wittenberg is a most interesting tourist attraction that offers a great number of historical sites to be found within a small area.

All in all the planning is on target, but a host of details, problems and queries take a lot of time for the Organizing Committee. We look optimistically to the year 2018.

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