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Right before the last three qualification events in 2015 the WRTC 2018 Organizing Committee presents the WWROF webinar "WRTC Update".

 There will be three main contributions:

  • Chris (DL1MGB), president of the organisation committee, will give a general overview on WRTC Germany and the current project status. Of course he will ask you for donations.
  • Uwe (DL8OBF), director of competition, will announce the decision in MS vs. M2.
  • Christian (DL8MBS), contest director of WAG, will give an introduction into the specialties of this traditional contest, which is a new qualification event for WRTC.


The webinar is a well established platform, sponsored by the WWROF and managed by Ken, K4ZW. You can take part online using the link In the end of the webinar you will have the chance to ask questions. Moreover webinars a recorded and can be viewed later.

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