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A look into the WRTC organisation office in the Luther Hotel indicates the size of the WRTC project. Around the long table sit the organisers and work from the ToDo lists. Plans are printed and materials sorted.

Direct communication in the central office provides quick solutions to many problems. The equipment there includes a multifunction printer, computer for weather observation, our own computer network and well-filled whiteboards which are used intensively.

Ulf DL5AXX turns on all 65 clocks and waits for the RF synchronisation with the time standards transmitter in Frankfurt to take place.

A telephone hotline with three phones is ready to answer requests from the helpers which can be fed into a ticket system directly. From Tuesday, the activity will increase again. Those working in the control centre, work under a shift system. In two daily meetings, the subject area managers present their reports, so that the organisation has the best chance of making the WRTC a success.

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