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WRTC 2018 e.V. - VOTA Award for 2018. This award recognises that the volunteers are at the core of the radio world team championship in Germany without whom it would not be possible. Volunteers, set up antennas and tents, look after the competition sites and participants and work in the event office.

Each registered volunteer has an exclusive VOTA number for 2018 and can give it out though his or her amateur radio activities. The volunteer thus represents the WRTC on the air.

The VOTA Award can be applied for via the DCL (DARC Community Logbook The exact diploma conditions are documented on the web page. The diploma application is generated automatically and the VOTA numbers list stored in the DCL.

So far, over 125 VOTA numbers have been issued. The current list is located at VOTA list Among the list is exotic number DP-001, which will hopefully be activated soon by DP1POL (DL5XL).

A first activity hour is scheduled for Sunday 14th. January from 8 to 9 UTC on 80 m. Many volunteers want to be QRV and distribute their VOTA number. Activity hour contacts added to QSOs in the subsequent 10-m contest may make it possible for the first VOTA Award (number 1) to be awarded.

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