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In preparation for WRTC 2018, the second WRTC test day will take place from the 23rd to the 25th of June in Jessen and surrounding area. The focus will be on testing logistics and training the support teams. Radio operation and event reporting through social media will also take place during the tests. Nearly 100 volunteers are coming from all over Germany to build the fifteen stations.


Preparations have been underway for several weeks. Under Ralf, DK1DSA’s control, all required equipment, from large to very small items were sourced to ensure the smooth running of the tests. Oskar, DL3OF, with many enthusiastic supporters has stocked the warehouse from which the WRTC sites will be supplied with equipment.


By Thursday evening, under the direction of Paul, DL5CW, the last preparation work will be completed so that the antenna training planned for Friday in Prettin can be tackled without delay. Friday evening will see the training of all the teams of helpers. The teams were chosen by Axel, DL6KVA, who will also coordinate the helpers in 2018.

Saturday will concentrate training on how sites are to be built. The fifteen teams will go to their sites and will be supplied with the required equipment by dedicated delivery vehicles. The goal is to assemble all structures quickly and smoothly, while documenting any areas where the process can be optimised.

Radio operation and test

After each site is set up, radio operation is planned. This is mainly to test the online scoreboard system and as publicity for WRTC 2018. Measurements to compare the performance of sites are not planned. The radio operators in each location will decide how they will operate. On the low bands many DL OMs will undoubtedly call, as the 15 test session stations have specially assigned DOKs (club codes) WTT01 to WTT15. It is to be expected that there will be a lot of DX traffic in the evening on 20m or 15m as in the US it is the ARRL Field Day and many stations will be on the air. North America will surely be the main source for DX points at the World Championships next year.

A special diploma for contacts with the test stations is planned. To qualify a log must be submitted, which will then be compared with the logs of the test session stations. Details about the diploma and how to submit a request will be published soon.

Evaluation and social media

On Sunday, all WRTC sites will be dismantled and the material checked and stored. It is very important that we collect and evaluate the ideas and suggestions for improvement at this point. We will try to let other amateurs view the event through live pictures on our Facebook page. Hamnet experiments are also planned. So it is worth watching social media to get an idea how WRTC works. For us, this is also an experiment that should help us to evaluate the best techniques and new possibilities for 2018.


The test session will cover

  • Antenna installation training
  • General team building
  • Tent pitching training
  • Radio operation (acting as advertising for WRTC 2018)
  • Scoreboard system test
  • Online media tests (Hamnet, Facebook, Website)
  • Logistics

The following call signs and special DOKS are planned to be used:

  • WTT01 DA0T
  • WTT02 DR3W
  • WTT03 DF5A
  • WTT04 DP9A
  • WTT05 DM3W
  • WTT06 DM4X
  • WTT07 DM5A
  • WTT08 DM5D
  • WTT09 DP4B
  • WTT10 DP4D
  • WTT11 DP5E
  • WTT12 DP6T
  • WTT13 DR1X
  • WTT14 DR5L
  • WTT15 DR5W

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