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WRTC 2018 is delighted to announce the approval of two more Sponsored Teams as we continue our consideration of several additional applications.

W2GD at WRTC2014 - Author WW1M.
John Crovelli (W2GD) operating N1D during WRTC2014 (Author WW1M

Team “AA3B/W2GD” brings together two very well-known and accomplished competitors from the Frankford Radio Club. John Crovelli (W2GD) is a member of the CQ Contest Hall of Fame, has attended all of the WRTCs since Seattle (a four time WRTC competitor), is well known for three decades of record setting operations from Aruba (P40W), and is a former editor of the National Contest Journal (NCJ). Bud Trench (AA3B) pilots a well-designed contest station in Boyertown (PA), finished sixth in the very competitive qualification region NA#1, and holds the CQWW CW SOLP world record set while operating as V26K. The team is supported by Chick Allen (NW3Y) who pointed out to us “I am convinced this FRC team has an excellent chance to win WRTC 2018.”

Team “K3LR” is led by Tim Duffy K3LR. Tim has won several times in his 45 years of contest activity in single-op and multi-op contests. His contest station is an example of top engineering and also is the starting ground for new top contesters. K3LR is holder of numerous records especially in the most competitive MM category. Tim embraces the concept of “giving back” by helping Contest Universities not only in USA but also in other countries all over the world. Tim took part in four WRTCs as competitor and was active with WRTC 2014 as the technical advisor for the DL1QQ/DL8DYL team, finishing 21st. He announced that his teammate for WRTC 2018 will be Sandy Räker, DL1QQ.

We also learned that Rick Tavan, N6XI, now selected his team mate. Rick wrote “I am delighted that Andy Faber AE6Y/P49Y has agreed to join me at WRTC-18. He is a great operator, friend, and neighbor here in Northern California, and a fellow member of NCCC.” Andy has had many top world finishes from his contest station on Aruba. The committee is sure that Andy is a very worthy competitor.

We are now processing the requests for sponsored teams in-line with the announcement from the 15th of February.

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