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WRTC 2018 is pleased to announce that SKY SAT - has become a supporter of the world radiosport team championship in Germany as a "Bronze Sponsor".

Ranko Boca, CEO of SKY SAT -, supports the WRTC 2018 with special equipment to prepare the event and to test the setup during the test session in July 2016. As a well known contester and former participant of WRTC Ranko is a prominent member of the WRTC community. During WRTC 2006 Brazil Ranko introduced new approaches in station automation influencing not only WRTC but also contesting technology in general.

Ranko said: "WRTC is an event that deserves all our attention. The Triplexer system was born in Brazil, and it has become a new standard, improving contesting techniques and opening new possibilities for contesting in general. I hope our German friends are ready to respect the fact that radio contesting is a technical sport, and will open some room for technological progress in their rules."

Chris, DL1MGB welcomes the support: "The WRTC 2018 Organizing Committee is very confident that, with the feedback of the contest community, they will create a set of rules reflecting new technologies of amateur radio."

We would like to express our cordial thanks for this extraordinary support of amateur radiosport.

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