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WRTC 2018 - the night is over. It was cool and starry. The OPs in the tents were busy. Now the sun is rising. The best teams have almost 4000 QSOs in the log. At the top are consistently LY9A / LY4L - with some distance followed by DJ5MW / DL1IAO. The WRTC 2018 is still running for 8 hours. Call all Y8 stations!

A look into the WRTC organisation office in the Luther Hotel indicates the size of the WRTC project. Around the long table sit the organisers and work from the ToDo lists. Plans are printed and materials sorted.

Direct communication in the central office provides quick solutions to many problems. The equipment there includes a multifunction printer, computer for weather observation, our own computer network and well-filled whiteboards which are used intensively.

Wittenberg. (mhw) In view of the fact that WRTC 2018 will start in just a couple of weeks we are expecting a strong increase of the demand for WRTC-coffee cups and WRTC T-shirts. Looking at our limited manpower, we are concerned about our ability to cope with the expected increase in demand. Much to our relief our GOLD Sponsor WiMo of Germany has kindly offered to put their sophisticated EDP-system and their remarkable capabilities in logistics free of charge at our disposal. It is indeed a pleasure to let the many WRTC friends and supporters know that their possible demand for WRTC-cups and WRTC-shirts of all sizes may now be satisfied in a quick, efficient and reliable way by simply ordering with WiMo (; here you will also find photos)

Congrats zu Gilles, VA2EW! He will be the teamleader of the new wildcard team #6. As the designated team leader of 'AF' had to refuse his participation due to personal reasons this team was replaced by a wild card team. Gilles ended after the qualification for WRTC at the 2th place in the area NA#7 which only had one team available. So we are happy to have this excellent contester in our competition at WRTC2018. DL1CW remained as his team mate.

(Wittenberg, 6 July 2018) as the designated team leader of 'AF' had to refuse his participation due to personal reasons we would like replace the team 'AF' by a wild card team. So we invite you to send wild card applications for the now open TL position with DL1CW as team mate. The deadline for the wild card application is Saturday, June 9. 2018 at 2359z received at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please explain, why you are applying as TL. After the deadline, we will choose the new TL as soon as possible.

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