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WRTC 2018 e.V. is pleased to publish the following appeal to the international contesting community at the request of the WRTC Sanctioning Committee

Greetings to the World's Radiosport Community,

As you know, we are all anticipating the 2018 World Radiosport Championships (WRTC) to be hosted in Germany next July. Preparations have gone well, including tests of the stations and antennas in the field during the IARU HF Championships. Score reporting, log checking, and other crucial administrative systems are in the final stages of preparation and testing. The final round of qualifying scores has been published and applications for Team Leaders are being accepted. We congratulate the WRTC-2018 committee on their superb organization and transparency to date!

Like the International Olympics, it is important to provide continuity for the WRTC program and give the radiosport community as much time as possible to prepare for each event.

The Tokyo Hamfair, one of the the three major amateur radio events in the world, offered in 2017, the WRTC 2018 organisers the opportunity to promote the World Radio Teamsport Championships 2018 in Germany. A three-person delegation traveled to Tokyo at the invitation of Zorro Miyazawa JH1AJT. They will promote, through their own booth, the WRTC idea to the Japanese radio amateurs.

Japan is, after all, one of the leading amateur radio nations and many Japanese amateurs take part in DX contests. In addition, the Japanese amateur radio industry is renowned for its quality and innovation. YAESU, the prime sponsor of WRTC 2018 has already made a large donation to the WRTC. A meeting with the YAESU management is planned as well as a lecture in the Hamfair's conference program.

We hope to conquer the hearts of the Japanese radio operators. Possibly, the Japanese Hams take to the ideals of ​​the WRTC and with enthusiasm (as we will surely see at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020), host the next WRTC?

Zorro, JH1AJT, with the WRTC team Rudy - DJ3WE, Sandy DL1QQ, and Chris, DL1MGB

For the 2017 IARU HF World Championship, several applicants of the WRTC 2018 came to Germany to set up their stations and to test the local propagations. With great local support even contesters from all over the USA made their long way over the pond. On you can find their logs, station description and even some pictures of their trials. Many thanks to those guys for sharing your logs with the other competitors you were not able to afford this pre-WRTC trip. And many thanks to those local Germans for offering their stations to the guests from abroad and taking good care of them.

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