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Short interview with Gedas Lucinskas, LY9A, and Mindis Jukna, LY4L.

It looks highly likely that the team from Lithuania have won the WRTC 2018 by far, with more than 5200 QSOs and more than 5.9 million points. The station was operated with two YAESU FTDX-5000 transceivers. As with all WRTC contest stations, it used a HD Spider Beam with a built-in 40m dipole. A specially made for the WRTC, WIMO dipole antenna was used on 80m. The Spider beam was mounted at 12m height on an aluminum telescopic mast and just below the beam was the support for the 80m dipole. 
Paul Bigwood, G3WYW, from prime sponsor YAESU was delighted with the winning team from Lithuania and insisted on congratulating the successful team on site in Annaburg. He had the station shown to him. It was a true "hotspot", because the temperature in the station tent had climbed to almost 40 ° C. "A phenomenal performance of our friends from Lithuania and I am impressed and thrilled at the same time," said Paul in the presence of the team.

  1. What are your first impressions after the contest?

    Happy, relieved

  2. What were the propagation conditions like?

    Can’t really comment as they are different to at home.

  3. How did the SSB / CW contacts split?

    Over 30% SSB.

  4. Did you have any problems of a technical nature at the site?

    No everything worked perfectly.

  5. What are your impressions of the volunteers and the organization of the WRTC?

    Very happy with both organisation and especially the helpers.

  6. What were the most important steps for you in your preparation for the WRTC?

    Daily training with Morse Runner and several contests together as a team.

  7. What impressions does Wittenberg leave in your memory?

    We haven’t seen Wittenberg town, the countryside is nice. Perhaps we can walk around Wittenberg on Monday or Tuesday.


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