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General information

Because almost everybody of the organizing committee and the volunteers have a normal life after WRTC, we ask for your patience that all the QSLing still needs some weeks to be completed. Many thanks.

Paper QSL

Right now we are preparing a procedure to bring the QSL cards to you. We will not automatically QSL all QSOs with the Y8 callsigns with paper cards because it will cause a very high traffic in the QSL bureau and will create a lot of returning cards. Everybody who wants to have a paper QSL card, will get one. Therefore we will provide an easy form on our website where you can tell us your wish for QSL cards.

Please do not sent your paper QSL card via bureau !!

Electronic QSL

We will also QSL all Y8 QSOs on LOTW and eQSL.

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