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Team Europe - EU #3_3

Picture of Laszlo Vegh, OM2VL
Team Leader:

Laszlo Vegh, OM2VL

Other callsigns: n/a
Country: Slovakia
Age (WRTC 2018): 47
Previous WRTC experience: Competitor: 2010, 2014
Occupation: Teacher in basic school
I was first licensed in 1985 as OL8CTX at the age of 15 years. I am a member of the OM8A contest team. I was also a team member of 9A1V, 9A8RR in IOTA contests, D4C in CQWW CW 2013, CR3A CQWW CW 2014. My major interests are contesting and DXing. I am taking also part in many US QSO Parties - I have confirmed 2801 counties and my goal is to reach all 3077. I was a competitor at WRTC 2010 in Moscow and in 2014 in Boston. I am looking forward to see old friends and to meet new friends.

Picture of Tibor Ferenec, OM3RM
Team Mate:

Tibor Ferenec, OM3RM

Other callsigns: 7W2OM, 9A/OM3RM, 9A8RR, CR3A, CT3/OM3RM, CT9/OM3RM,CR3A, D4C, IB0R, IB8/OM3RM, IC8R, IC8/OM3RM, IS0/OM3RM, IS0/OM8A, OM8A, R3WW, SV5/OM3RM, W1/OM3RM, W1O
Country: Slovakia
Age (WRTC 2018): 62
Previous WRTC experience: Competitor: 2010, 2014
Occupation: Manager
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