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(Magdeburg, 20 Juni 2016) Holger Stahlknecht, Minister of the Interior and Sports of the state of Saxony-Anhalt takes over patronage for the World Radio Team Championchip, which will be held in summer 2018 in the region of Wittenberg/Jessen. Stahlknecht has held this position since 2011 and is member of the CDU, one of the ruling parties of the State of Saxony-Anhalt. A special connection to radio exists as the Minister of Interior and Sports is also in charge of government communications.

Holger Stahlknecht, Minister für Inneres und Sport in Sachsen-Anhalt, übernimmt die Schirmherrschaft für die World Radiosport Teamchampionship, die im Sommer 2018 in der Region Wittenberg/Jessen stattfindet. Stahlknecht ist seit 2011 im Amt und gehört der CDU an, die die Landeregierung führt. Eine besondere Beziehung zum Medium Funk ergibt sich daraus, dass der Innenminister auch für die Behörenkommunikation und den BOS-Funk zuständig ist.

Welcoming Address of the Secretary

Dear sportswomen and sportsmen!

WRTC 2018 is pleased to announce that Messi & Paoloni (M&P) of Italy has teamed up with WRTC 2018 e.V. for the World Radio Team Championship in 2018 in Germany. M&P will donate altogether 10 km of its coaxial cable of the type M&P-ULTRAFLEX 7. 

The WRTC 2018 Organizing Committee is looking for applications for the first two sponsored teams beginning on June 1st, 2016.

Sponsored teams are a long-standing tradition in WRTC and a substantial part for fundraising. It gives the chance to take part in the WRTC to dedicated contesters who cannot qualify because of serious commitments. As shown in WRTC 2014 sponsored teams do compete with qualified teams on the same level and have reached top placements.

The WRTC 2018 Organizing Committee announces the formation of the Ambassador Program which addresses the critical fund raising activity deemed necessary to successfully deliver a world class event.  The organizing committee has selected the following well known amateurs to support the WRTC 2018 on a regional basis.

JESSEN/WITTENBERG – The WRTC 2018 organization, which will be hosting the eighth international World Radio Team Championship amateur radio operating competition in two years, has reached a new stage in its fundraising efforts with the successful launching of its tent sponsorship campaign.  Announced in early March, the WRTC volunteers have successfully gathered support from the amateur radio community to support the naming of 20 percent of the 63 tents that will be used by competitors during the event.

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