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Wittenberg. (Xv) The cross-cut saw screams, the cordless drills whir, wood panels are put together and the correct screws are sought out.  There is a busy workshop buzz in the WRTC logistics center. Some time ago, Peter Spies, DB6JG, from Weeze started the work using a CNC machine to cut chipboard into parts for the "WRTC boxes". Last weekend, a group of 20 people met to complete 65 of these transport cases.

Wittenberg. (Xv) If you want to attend the opening ceremony in three weeks time on the 12th of July and the award ceremony four days later, you have to hurry while there are still some tickets available. Tickets can be conveniently purchased via the internet at, (this site requires you to register your details to gain access). After logging in click on the green "User account" button to get a list of events that can still be booked. In addition to tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies, sightseeing tours or hotels can also be booked. The system guides customers through the payment process, so there's nothing standing in the way of you joining the big party with the top contesters, old and new friends and the WRTC "family". However, get a move on, as next Tuesday, the 26th of June, ticket sales for the opening and closing ceremonies will close.

Wittenberg. (xv) The Amateur Radio World Championship in Germany inspires whole families. An example from Chemnitz shows this: Rita Görner, DG0EQ, and her OM Carsten Görner, DG0JCG, were able to effortlessly inspire their son Tim, a short wave listener, to get involved with the helper teams. Rita and Carsten Görner have been licensed since 1992 and participate in the Chemnitz S54 radio club regularly on Field Days and other events such as the mountain day activities. The prospect of experiencing the, always very positive, Fieldday atmosphere in the WRTC 2018 AR World Cup was reason enough for the family team to get involved. 

Wittenberg. (xv) The WRTC is to be covered in two special broadcasts by Radio DARC. The radio show of the German Amateur Radio Club e.V. will broadcast a program in English on Saturday, July 14 from 11.00 to 12.00 UTC using the 49m short-wave band on 6070 kHz. Especially for the many people interested in WRTC from North America, the program will also be broadcast on 13860 kHz at the same timeThe 6-hour time difference makes it possible for the show to serve as a "breakfast radio" WRTC News on the East Coast of North America. There is expected to be a high level of interest from North America as not only did a total of 14 teams from North America qualify but also the defending champions Daniel Craig (N6MJ) and Chris Hurlbut (KL9A) are from the USA. 

Wittenberg. (xv) At the World Championship, ensuring all competing teams have the same operational conditions is of core importance. This does not only apply to topographical conditions, which have recently been verified in detail. This also applies to the antennas. It's not good enough just to build the same type of antennas and get them "somewhere around"  resonance. In order to create the same conditions for all competitors great importance was placed on the accuracy of the measuring equipment to be used in this area.

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