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WRTC2018 is happy to announce to you that the World Radiosport Team Championship will take place 2018 in Jessen/Wittenberg near Berlin. We may congratulate all inhabitants for this decission. Everybody is working hard to make another once in a lifetime experience happen.

On Friday we were happy to announce that the local Hams in Jessen/Wittenberg near Berlin succeeded in convincing the organizers that this would be the right place for WRTC2018. We extend our thanks to all involved Ham and congratulate them for this decission.

Ham Radio operators and contesters around the world are now invited to prepare themselves for a visit to Jessen/ Wittenberg. As a historical landscape Wittenberg is wellknown from the protestant reformation around Martin Luther who publishers his 95 theses on October 31th 1517. This date is comemorated until today as Reformation Day in some german regions. In 2017 the reformation will have it´s 500th aniversary.

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