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Oskar Radwan (DL3OF) and Andreas Winter (DK4WA) are highly regarded in Jessen
The officials of the municipalities of the area where the WRTC is to take place are important contacts for the organizers. We spoke with Daniel Lehmann, Deputy Mayor of Jessen about the World Championships.
"Mr. Lehmann, over the second weekend of July, many thousands of people are straining their ears: the Amateur Radio world championship will begin here in Jessen and in the region around Jessen. Sixty three teams from thirty one nations are taking part. Radio amateurs' antennas are being targeted worldwide towards this region and many thousands of radio contacts are expected to take place. Well over 300 helpers organize this mammoth project on a voluntary basis.

What's your opinion of how this very special World Championship in Jessen is perceived?
Daniel Lehmann: First of all, I am especially happy for our city, that such an event will take place here and that Jessen (Elster) can be the host. Top radio operators from all over the world will be here to pursue their passion.
A big thank you goes to the many volunteers. Without their commitment such an event would not be possible.
The current perception for the event is reserved. With only a few local people interested, however Jessen enjoys an international reputation with its radio stations for those in the know. After the World Championship and the associated media coverage this will certainly change.
I wish the event itself a smooth execution with exciting and fair competition. I wish all participants good luck. The helpers and their accompanying families, friends and fans should have fun at the World Championship and around our region.

What did you think personally when the concerns of the radio amateurs were presented to you?
Daniel Lehmann: I was excited about this event with its German and worldwide significance. After the track dog world championship in 2004 it's good to have such a high-ranking event take place in our region again. Great!

Have you had any contact with amateur radio previously, either privately or in a professional context, for example 
in civil defence roles?
Daniel Lehmann: Yes, as a child, with so-called walkie talkies. If I can link such things with amateur radio, but using radios to connect in any case.
Fortunately, we did not have to resort to emergency radio during the flood disasters from the Elbe and Schwarzer Elster rivers. I know however that during other major disasters, amateur radio was called in to help. When this happens we know we can rely upon the skills and infrastructure provided by the amateur radio operators.
As part of my job, I have to deal with radio - naturally. In my function as director of the municipal public order office, I am familiar with the topic "radio", as 905 comrades in our volunteer fire departments, including 583 in active service, have to communicate and use them in case of emergency. The city of Jessen (Elster) being responsible for fire protection has to procure and maintain the necessary infrastructure for this purpose.
We have also been part of the large-scale project to switch from analogue to digital radio communications for our 27 active municipal local aid services.
One of the "Amateur Radio Pioneers" from the Jessen area - Mr. Oskar Radwan - often advised and supported us with his expertise.

Yes, Oskar Radwan (DL3OF) and his wife Renate, are also very involved in the World Championship and both help the entire organizing team in many ways. 
Back to the World Championship: The World Championship takes place for the first time in Germany. Jessen is at the center of the activities. What do you think?
Daniel Lehmann: Along with others Andreas Winter from the DARC Jessen-Herzberg club, was involved in bringing the World Championship to Germany for the first time. That the championship is now to be held in the Jessen area, I am pleased all the more. The region will present itself from its best side for the event. Of course, it should not go unmentioned that Jessen is a stronghold of radio sport and the members of the local radio club have won the German Short wave Cup several times.

It's nice to hear that Andreas Winter (DK4WA), is in constant contact with you. While
 Andreas Winter also plays as site manager a major role in the organization team of the World Championship this is to be expected. How do you perceive the organizational preparations for the World Championship?

Daniel Lehmann: Absolutely smooth, dedicated people with a very professional manner. All previous contacts were consistently positive and friendly.

All of the farms used for radio stations and their antennas have given space at no cost. What do you think about that?
Daniel Lehmann: For me, this is another example of the great hospitality that exists in our region. When it comes down to it one simply helps each other in an uncomplicated way. The "Jessener" are simply a helpful people.

Thank you very much, Mr. Lehmann, for taking the time to give this interview. It is nice to be your guest! "

The interview was conducted by Klaus Wöhler (DF9XV), press spokesman for the World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC 2018).

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