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Wittenberg. (xv) The Amateur Radio World Championship in Germany inspires whole families. An example from Chemnitz shows this: Rita Görner, DG0EQ, and her OM Carsten Görner, DG0JCG, were able to effortlessly inspire their son Tim, a short wave listener, to get involved with the helper teams. Rita and Carsten Görner have been licensed since 1992 and participate in the Chemnitz S54 radio club regularly on Field Days and other events such as the mountain day activities. The prospect of experiencing the, always very positive, Fieldday atmosphere in the WRTC 2018 AR World Cup was reason enough for the family team to get involved. 

As volunteers, Rita and Tim Görner look after competitors. Carsten Görner additionally assumes the coordinating role of the site manager. "In the club we discussed intensively once the announcement of the venue occurred, about how we could help and support. You have to be part of such a world event when it is in your own country. That was very clear to us. " notes Carsten. Although the family team was prevented from attending the test days in the Wittenberg - Jessen region last year, they are looking forward to their tasks in July with anticipation and excitement. "It's going to be a great experience and we'll do everything we can to make sure competitors and referees feel comfortable on our site," says Rita. "Getting to know the best contesters in the world and being able to look over their shoulders is really great," says a delighted Carsten. Tim Görner, who is still in school exam stress, will soon be completing a course to gain his license because the HF Bug has already bit him as a short wave listener, even before the WRTC. Ensuring the best working conditions for the competitors is one of the most important tasks of the whole organization. The WRTC organisers have also focused on offering opportunities for around 370 volunteers, so they can gain through new experiences and by meeting interesting people.

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