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The organizers of WRTC 2018 are pleased to announce that Honda Power Equipment is sponsoring the 2018 World Radiosport Team Championship as a platinum sponsor.

In 2018 the 65 WRTC stations will be supplied with mobile power from the proven Honda EU20i generators.

Honda EU20i at WRTC 2018 test session

Even though power cuts are very rare in Germany, the use of mobile power offers advantages. The independence provided allows trouble-free operation of locations where mains power is not available. The WRTC operation acts also as a reference for emergency radio communications support.

Christoph Schmidt, representative of Honda Power Equipment, emphasizes this aspect: "Even if today, with its smartphone, you can reach almost any corner of the world without delay, amateur radio is the only technology that can work and help you communicate in an emergency. As Honda themselves found out in the Tôhoku earthquake in 2011. All that is required in addition to the radio equipment is electricity - so we are looking forward to supporting WRTC 2018 with our generators. "

Christian Janssen, DL1MGB, President of the WRTC 2018 Organizing Committee, thanked Honda for their support: "Without mobile power a radio world championship would not be possible. We are pleased to have found a supporter with Honda Power Equipment, whose technology stands for reliability and quality. "

The supply of the 65 WRTC sites with brand-new Honda generators follows the approach of the event organizers to do everything to ensure the equality of opportunity across all teams, who have qualified through an elaborate qualification process for the WRTC in Germany.

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