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To support WRTC2018 in Germany a group of US-hams lead by N1RR have organized a  multi-operator activity to participate in the WAG this weekend. They will be on the air as WR1TC, the special call sign of the WRTC 2014 at Boston.

As successfully implemented by many DXpeditions the WRTC beam will be rotated by a rotator mounted at the base of the tower supporting the beam. This setup has been successfully tested in July 2016 at five different locations of the designated contest area near the city of Jessen, situated to the south west of Berlin, Germany.

The rotator is mounted on a sturdy base plate. The telescoping tower is affixed to the top of the rotator by a set of clamps. The heavy duty G-1000 DXC rotor will be exclusively used for the WRTC event. It has been donated by our Prime Sponsor YAESU.

In recognition of supporting WRTC 2018 the WRTC-bronze-plaque for sponsoring was handed over to Frank, DO1CTL on May 25th, 2016. SaxPrind supports WRTC2018 by providing the QSL-cards for the special event stations DL0WRTC and DK0WRTC.


WRTC 2018 is pleased to announce that SKY SAT - has become a supporter of the world radiosport team championship in Germany as a "Bronze Sponsor".

Ranko Boca, CEO of SKY SAT -, supports the WRTC 2018 with special equipment to prepare the event and to test the setup during the test session in July 2016. As a well known contester and former participant of WRTC Ranko is a prominent member of the WRTC community. During WRTC 2006 Brazil Ranko introduced new approaches in station automation influencing not only WRTC but also contesting technology in general.

During the last few days „WRTC2018 e.V.“ has received two further most welcome donations. When the Bavarian VFDB-group presented the WRTC a sum of EUR 1111 Chairman Ralph, DK5RSA, emphasized that the „Field Day idea“ of the WRTC eminently promotes the development of team spirit. On top of their donation in 2015 DARC-district Mecklenburg-Vorpommern contributed a further amount of EUR 500. In his accompanying letter, Franz, DL9GFB, the Chairman of the DARC-district, underlined the great share of the WRTC in international understanding that is fostered by fair radio sport. We are most grateful for this generous support.

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