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WRTC 2018 is delighted to announce the approval of two more Sponsored Teams as we continue our consideration of several additional applications.

W2GD at WRTC2014 - Author WW1M.
John Crovelli (W2GD) operating N1D during WRTC2014 (Author WW1M

The organizers of the WRTC 2018 are proud to announce that Elecraft will support the WRTC 2018 as a Silver Sponsor.

Michael Höding, DL6MHW, Vice President of the WRTC 2018 Organizing Committee said: „It is with great pleasure that we announce that Elecraft will become a Silver Sponsor for the WRTC 2018. It was at Dayton 2016 that Eric Swartz WA6HHQ, CEO of Elecraft, offered support but we needed some time to finalize the arrangements.”

The Californian company have developed top quality radios since the change of the millennium. The legendary K2 started as a QRP transceiver offering high end receiving characteristics and extraordinary low power consumption. Whereas the K2 was delivered as a kit for self assembly the following K3 model made the step up to a fully built radio. It combines low weight with high end characteristics. It is therefore the choice of many DXpeditions and was also utilized by many of the teams during the WRTC in 2014 which Elecraft also supported as a sponsor.

Elecraft's philosophy of sharing knowledge supported by excellent building manuals appeals to many hams. Eric was also a lecturer at the Contest University in Friedrichshafen in 2016.

WRTC 2018 e.V. is grateful for this most generous support from Elecraft.

WRTC 2018 is pleased to announce that BMK electronic solutions GmbH has teamed up with WRTC 2018 e.V. for a Bronze Sponsorship for the World Radio Team Championship in 2018 in Germany.

The BMK Group are contract manufacturers for electronical modules and devices with the core competencies in developing and manufacturing electronics.

During the handover ceremony of the sponsor plaque in Linden (Bavaria) Christian Janßen (WRTC 2018 President) expressed his deep thanks to René Schmidt, representing BMK: “BMK is our first industrial sponsor – demonstrating the useful relationship between engineering and radio sports”.


WRTC 2018 is pleased to announce that Arcomm Gmbh, the developer of the HAM OFFICE Suite, has teamed up with WRTC 2018 e.V. for a Bronze Sponsorship of the World Radio Team Championship 2018 in Germany.

The WRTC 2018 Organizing Committee is proud to make the next step towards the radio championships in 2018. We are announcing the first Sponsored Team led by Rick Tavan, N6XI. He sent his application in June according after the call of May 18th, 2016.

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