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The ongoing Russian DX Contest will include a significant number of WRTC teams testing equipment and operating. RDXC is the ideal contest for that: it is mixed mode and has a M2 category, allowing the simultaneous operation of two radios. This is quite similar to WRTC rules, so many teams will bring their filters and triplexes into action.

We heard rumors that Manfred DJ5MW, is traveling to Sweden to join Stefan DL1IAO, for a test with SM9A. Tim K3LR, is coming to Germany to operate DR8A with his team mate Sandy DL1QQ. DA0AA is "manned" by Maddin DL4NAC and Irina DL8DYL. Whereas RDXC will deliver nice pile-ups the teams will probably also need time to optimize their equipment.

Thus the final score achieved in RDXC will be not the main priority because the score in the World Radiosport Team Championship in July 2018 will be the final destination of each team’s four year journey.

If your are a WRTC competitor or work one of teams testing please drop a comment or a sound snippet on our facebook page at 

The Picture shows Ranko, 4O3A, with his WRTC 2014 setup. Ranko introduced triplexer technology to short wave contesting during WRTC 2006, now a standard for many contest stations.

WRTC 2018 e.V. - VOTA Award for 2018. This award recognises that the volunteers are at the core of the radio world team championship in Germany without whom it would not be possible. Volunteers, set up antennas and tents, look after the competition sites and participants and work in the event office.

The WRTC 2018 Organizing Committee wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018! For those interested in our activities of 2017, feel free to download and read our review: WRTC Review 2017


The organizers of the WRTC 2018 are pleased to announce that RigExpert is supporting the Amateur Radio World Cup 2018 as a Silver Sponsor.

The antennas used at WRTC 2018 will be measured using the RigExpert Antenna Analyzer AA-35 Zoom. All antenna assembly teams will be equipped with identical antenna measuring devices. The aim is to provide the same resonant frequencies for all antennas and to clearly document the values ​​found. The AA-35 Zoom is ideal for this. The color display allows for a variety of views that indicate that RigExpert's developers are experienced radio amateurs and antenna builders. The supplied software allows the high-resolution presentation of the results, which will become part of the location documentation pack.

Special version of the RigExpert AA35 Zoom for the WRTC 2018 

WRTC 2018 e.V. is pleased to publish the following appeal to the international contesting community at the request of the WRTC Sanctioning Committee

Greetings to the World's Radiosport Community,

As you know, we are all anticipating the 2018 World Radiosport Championships (WRTC) to be hosted in Germany next July. Preparations have gone well, including tests of the stations and antennas in the field during the IARU HF Championships. Score reporting, log checking, and other crucial administrative systems are in the final stages of preparation and testing. The final round of qualifying scores has been published and applications for Team Leaders are being accepted. We congratulate the WRTC-2018 committee on their superb organization and transparency to date!

Like the International Olympics, it is important to provide continuity for the WRTC program and give the radiosport community as much time as possible to prepare for each event.

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