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At the 3rd “Funktag” in Kassel the WRTC 2018 e.V. was again represented with its own booth. Almost 100 days before the opening of the world radio team championship in Jessen / Wittenberg, anticipation of the big event in July was high.

Located at the entrance, the small group led by Ralf, DK1DSA were able to welcome the many supporters and enter into some interesting discussions. Most questions were easily answered. The plans are progressing. The allocation of the site based teams, who support individual competition locations is in its final phase.

A highlight of the “Funktag” event was the handing over to the WRTC of a donation by DIG (Diplom Interessen Gruppe). DIG supplied the WRTC 2018 organisation with a cheque for 1000 Euros. The DIG members see the WRTC as falling into the tradition of the DIG, which has been committed to radio sport and awards for the last 50 years. Related to the WRTC, Hajo, DJ9MH, the Awards Manager of the WWQR (Worked WRTC Qualification Regions) and an active DIG member reported that almost 1900 award certificates have been issued. During the WRTC 2018 there will also be some limited time award competitions. The WRTC 2018 e.V. would like to thank the DIG for their kind donation and the support and advice given.

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