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Standings on

The CQWW CW was the last qualification contest for the WRTC 2018. With the claimed scores published last week we did a pre-final compilation of the qualification standings.

Despite the still missing results of the All Asia Contest the situation in several regions is clear.

With a difference of more than 1000 qualification points between the last qualification rank and the first follower we realize quite a stable situation in AS#2, AS#5, EU#6, NA#2, NA#5, NA#6, NA#7, OC#1, OC#2 and SA#2.

Very close, with a difference of less than100 points, the situation in AF, AS#1, AS#3, AS#4, AS#6, EU#2 and EU#5 has not yet been decided. This is an indicator of the intensive fight until the last contests and the hard competition in these regions.

We are ready to calculate the final results when all final contest scores have been published, hoping that neither disqualifications nor missing data will confuse the final publication.

In the last two years we have faced high level radiosport in all regions of the world. Thank you for that. The qualification was accompanied by several discussions of an optimal qualification process. Fixing regions, contests and their weighting for a WRTC is quite sensitive. We have to thank the organizers from Brazil, Russia and the USA for their support in designing the qualification based on contest results.

We also hope to see the 9th WRTC with new ideas and improvements in the qualification procedure.

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