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To support WRTC2018 in Germany a group of US-hams lead by N1RR have organized a  multi-operator activity to participate in the WAG this weekend. They will be on the air as WR1TC, the special call sign of the WRTC 2014 at Boston.

Like in HQ-operations  in the IARU-contest they will take part simultaneously in CW and SSB on all bands with 2 stations each on 80m to 20m. It will be up to condx if fast NA-pile-ups will be possible on 15 and 10m.

Apart from points and multipliers WR1TC will count as a "joker" for the WWQR-award that can be applied for via DCL. 

For German hams the WAG is a rich source of points for various awards,e.g.the top grades of the WWQR can be reached in these 24 hours especially as the new special call sign DF0WRTC will be on the air as well.


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