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In recognition of supporting WRTC 2018 the WRTC-bronze-plaque for sponsoring was handed over to Frank, DO1CTL on May 25th, 2016. SaxPrind supports WRTC2018 by providing the QSL-cards for the special event stations DL0WRTC and DK0WRTC.


When handing over the plaque representing WARC 2018 e.V. René, DL2JRM, pointed out that the early and spontaneous support by SaxPrint was a great motivation for the team. René's words "These QSL-cards are most effective PR for the Olympic Games of Radiosport and have caused great attention world-wide" were replied by Frank saying, that the support of WRTC2018 in Germany was a matter of course for his company and that he was happy about such an important event in Germany.

SaxPrint is one of the leading companies for QSL-cards with ready-printed QSO-data. This service is most handy and accompanied by personal support. Therefore all contacts with DL0WRTC and DK0WRTC could be confirmed with a minimum of manual work.

In recognition of this extraordinary support of radiosport WRTC2018 would like to express their gratitude.

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