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Short interview with Gedas Lucinskas, LY9A, and Mindis Jukna, LY4L.

It looks highly likely that the team from Lithuania have won the WRTC 2018 by far, with more than 5200 QSOs and more than 5.9 million points. The station was operated with two YAESU FTDX-5000 transceivers. As with all WRTC contest stations, it used a HD Spider Beam with a built-in 40m dipole. A specially made for the WRTC, WIMO dipole antenna was used on 80m. The Spider beam was mounted at 12m height on an aluminum telescopic mast and just below the beam was the support for the 80m dipole. 
Paul Bigwood, G3WYW, from prime sponsor YAESU was delighted with the winning team from Lithuania and insisted on congratulating the successful team on site in Annaburg. He had the station shown to him. It was a true "hotspot", because the temperature in the station tent had climbed to almost 40 ° C. "A phenomenal performance of our friends from Lithuania and I am impressed and thrilled at the same time," said Paul in the presence of the team.

Gradually, the competition teams and their referees arrive at the Luther Hotel in Wittenberg. They have behind them 24 hours of competition. Many thousands of contacts are recorded in the logbooks. Now the USB sticks have been handed over to the log checkers and the logbook files are subjected to strict control. Tomorrow, we'll know more about the final positions of the 63 teams.

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Observations at site ABG-3

Sunday, 2:00 pm, contest end. Deep breathes from the three in the tent at  Site ABG-3. 24 hours work is behind them. Referee Michael Fulcher, KC7V, comes out of the tent, talks to us briefly and asks that we from the media team be patient. "Of course - we will comply," I reply in broken English before he closes the tent door with the zipper again. Meanwhile, more and more "volunteers" and "organizers" gather in the dry, dusty field about 6 km south east of Jessen. Several photographers have already set up in front of the tent entrance to watch the moment when the Y81N operators leaves the tent after more than 24 hours. Quiet, factual-sounding scraps of conversation come out of the tent. Some impatience is spreading. "Now stop," one of the bystanders thinks out loud and winks. Then the "cheerleader team" of Lithuanians arrives in a VW Camper and several cars. Their funny T-shirts stand out and their happiness is obvious. Everyone waits and then a familiar sound: the zipper opens and Gedas, LY9A, hurries to the porta-a-loo. "I have waited a long time," he murmurs smiling at each of us waiting for the crucial photo of the two operators. He looks puzzled but gets sympathetic looks from those he passes in his sweaty clothes. It is 32° C and undoubtedly even hotter in the tent. It takes a few more minutes and shortly after Gedas goes back into the tent, the referee and the contest crew seem to completed the formalities.

Did the team from Lithuania really win it? With more than 5.9 million points Gedas, LY9A, and Mindis, LY4L, are clearly ahead of the German team of Manfred, DJ5MW, and Stefan, DL1IAO. The Germans managed 5.3 million points. Whether the scores stay as they are is not yet certain, first all logs need to be checked. The work of the Log Checkers now starts. The memory keys with the contact logs on them are supplied to the log checking team. With the phrase "CQ contest, Y81N, CQ Test de Y81N" the Lithuanian team managed 5212 radio contacts. By the contest end, the German team achieved 4874 contacts.

Which teams get the lower places is open as the point differences between third to sixth places are very small. At the moment, the 2014 gold medalists from the USA are in third place, followed by teams from Slovenia, The Ukraine and Bulgaria. Whoever occupies the places in the end and if there is a change to the positions of the leading teams remains to be seen.

How many points remain after evaluation for each team is now in the hands of the checkers who will check everything very precisely.

Those who followed the scoreboard realized how quickly the positions of the teams changed.

What was interesting and exciting for the spectators was hidden from the competition teams, because in the rules of the competition accepted by the stations bans external access through smartphone, internet and more. Even the referee has only a simple telephone for use in emergencies or for questions to the organizers and judges. Therefore, the surprise was set for the competition end after 2:00 pm: Where did we finish up and where our competitors? Exhaustion and relief are written equally on the team's faces. After 24 hours of maximum concentration on the radio, relaxation and recovery are now essential. But not every team will succeed relaxing immediately as the adrenalin level is only gradually decreasing. Not everyone will be able to sleep straight away.

It is probably a mixture of feelings of happiness, the joy of what has been achieved and finally "having it over with", which is prevalent among all 63 teams and equally important, the 63 referees.

We want your Log and become a Assistant Judge Award (until Sunday July 15th, 2018 1800z)!!!

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