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While preparing for the WRTC2018 we thought, that it would be a good idea to talk with younger participants about ham radio and about the WRTC in Germany. Today we focus on Xenia Berger, ZL4YL and Mathias Acevedo, CE2LR.
First of all many thanks to both of you, for finding some time for the Interview. We all know, that you have lots of things to do.

Mühlberg / Elbe. (xv) With respect to our world championship, the World Radiosport Team Championship -short WRTC-, organizers require that the communities in which the 65 competition stations are to be set up, be fully informed. "In addition to general information, what the World Championship in amateur radio is all about, discussion of regulatory authority aspects are also required," said Frank Neumann (DM5WF), who travelled to Mühlberg / Elbe, to visit the local government office to check the status of the planned locations and to report on progress. Mühlberg's mayor Hannelore Brendel did not miss the chance to wish the World Championship good luck.

Wittenberg. (xv) What are 70 phones needed for, when radio and antennas around the globe are used? "For emergencies and to coordinate in emergency situations, it was absolutely essential to equip the organizational center in Wittenberg with standard, easy-to-use telephones and not smart phones," explains Michael Höding (DL6MHW) from the board of the WRTC 2018 eV "At each location the referee is allocated one of these telephones. This allows him to communicate with the central office if, for example, problems with the competition need to be addressed, "continues Michael Höding.

Wittenberg. (Xv) The cross-cut saw screams, the cordless drills whir, wood panels are put together and the correct screws are sought out.  There is a busy workshop buzz in the WRTC logistics center. Some time ago, Peter Spies, DB6JG, from Weeze started the work using a CNC machine to cut chipboard into parts for the "WRTC boxes". Last weekend, a group of 20 people met to complete 65 of these transport cases.

Wittenberg. (Xv) If you want to attend the opening ceremony in three weeks time on the 12th of July and the award ceremony four days later, you have to hurry while there are still some tickets available. Tickets can be conveniently purchased via the internet at, (this site requires you to register your details to gain access). After logging in click on the green "User account" button to get a list of events that can still be booked. In addition to tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies, sightseeing tours or hotels can also be booked. The system guides customers through the payment process, so there's nothing standing in the way of you joining the big party with the top contesters, old and new friends and the WRTC "family". However, get a move on, as next Tuesday, the 26th of June, ticket sales for the opening and closing ceremonies will close.

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