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Antenna assembly training The antenna engineers have finally been briefed by Andreas (DL5CW) on the assembly of the antennas and masts. Uli (DJ2YA) gave important notes on measurements with the antenna analyzer RigExpert AA-35 ZOOM. 




Robby (DM6DX) today took over 16 vans from the car rental SIXT. After a thorough briefing and safety instructions, the drivers drove to the WRTC logistics center. There, antennas, masts and other equipment were loaded. Tomorrow the construction phase of the 65 sites begins. 

A team of the TV Station MDR visited WRTC on Monday afternoon to prepare a report about the upcoming radio sport championship.Beatrix Heykeroth - reporter at MDR - and her team interviewed Ralf Theunert, DK1DSA. They filmed Ralf operating the station DA0WRTC in the HQ Hotel. 
Finally they took a shot on video of the already busy operation central. The report will be broadcasted on Thursday evening, 19:00, by MDR-Sachsen-Anhalt.

Foto: Marko Schoeneberg

A few days before the start of the amateur radio world championship, we had the opportunity to interview the mayor of Wittenberg, Jochen Kirchner.

Wittenberg will become in the next few days, the centre of organization for the amateur radio world championship and the location for especially important events such as the opening and award ceremonies. Many guests will get to know the "Lutherstadt" whether they are from Germany or abroad. What can you say about how this very special World Championship is perceived by the Wittenberg locals?

A look into the WRTC organisation office in the Luther Hotel indicates the size of the WRTC project. Around the long table sit the organisers and work from the ToDo lists. Plans are printed and materials sorted.

Direct communication in the central office provides quick solutions to many problems. The equipment there includes a multifunction printer, computer for weather observation, our own computer network and well-filled whiteboards which are used intensively.

Wittenberg. (xv) It is now also apparent from the outside that the Luther Hotel has become the hotspot for radio sport - the World Radiosport Team Championship WRTC while over the last couple of days, Ulf Ehrlich (DL5AXX) and Michael Höding (DL6MHW ) have mounted the first antennas on the roof of the hotelInitially, a Butternut HF6V and a FD4 have been installed. This allows the HQ station to be operational on all contest bands. The comparatively simple antennas will allow numerous WRTC contacts because of the short distance to the competitors sites.
The participants also have an opportunity to complete their last training sessions before the competition. the station also creates a good way to test the current propagation conditions. Furthermore, the station at the Luther Hotel allows the organizers to listen-in during the IARU contest at the weekend. This will indicate how the competition is running and how the pile-up's are going. Of course the organizers and helpers left behind at the hotel will also have the opportunity to participate in the contest that starts on Saturday at 2 pm and to give points to the competitors, because every contact counts.
The hotel hosts most of the participants and referees during the WRTC week. From here, the event is controlled and organized. The organizing team headed by the President of WRTC 2018 e.V., Christian Janßen (DL1MGB) and his Second in Command, Michael Höding (DL6MHW), are in constant contact with the site managers, the referees and the logistics center. "For this purpose, an extensive communication structure is being set up at the moment, which has been prepared and tested in recent months. This includes setting up the score board, which is important for the competitors, "explains Chris Janßen." At the hotel, it is displayed on monitors and updated every minute on the internet showing who is in the lead during the competition." "Whether the teams in the lead at the end also win the contest will only be known after the detailed evaluation of all logs by the competition judges," adds Michael Höding. The judging team, which is also based in the headquarters hotel, has its hands full after 2pm on Sunday. Who the actual winning team is, will only be clear on Monday (16 July). The award ceremony takes place on Monday evening. After that the first ever World Radio Championship in Germany ends and from the headquarters out the large cleaning and packing up work starts.

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