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WRTC 2018 - the night is over. It was cool and starry. The OPs in the tents were busy. Now the sun is rising. The best teams have almost 4000 QSOs in the log. At the top are consistently LY9A / LY4L - with some distance followed by DJ5MW / DL1IAO. The WRTC 2018 is still running for 8 hours. Call all Y8 stations!

cq contest cq contest ... Bands are full - mood very good
The contest has been running for some hours now and the competitors are wrestling each other for points. The bands are "very busy" and finding  a free frequency is exhausting. The fight for the top place is exciting, also for the spectators, they watch the score of the teams changes every minute on the score board. The table with the current score (scoreboard) can also be found on the Internet at

We visited some of the teams about an hour before the start of the contest and the atmosphere was quite outstanding despite the understandable tension of the Contester. The talented volunteers had installed the station infrastructure in advance.  "Some drops of sweat flowed, but it was worth it, because we have a lot of fun - despite the strenuous work," said one of the helpers rather casually. "We have great volunteers, we've found a perfect site," remarks Mindis, LY4L.

The mood ahead of the start of the WRTC in Wittenberg is great. The Contesters are up-beat and happy about their beautiful sites and super-volunteers they met on Friday.

The volunteers are happy to be very close to the action. The sun is shining for them as well.

There is also anticipation in the air. After all the WRTC is product of nearly four years of work. Whether winner, top ten or in the upper half - each of the participants is a winner, because getting through the qualification was tough enough.

A lot of people will follow the “race” via the online scoreboard a lot will race to be on the right bands to be part of the show. Let's rock the bands!

Watch the video on Youtube

Breakfast radio with 300kW plus 20dB gain towards North America
The WRTC is started and today RADIO DARC will transmit a special broadcast. The broadcast will be in English from 11:00 to 12:00 UTC (13:00 to 14:00 CEST) in the 49 m band at 6070 kHz and at the same time in the 22m band at 13 860 kHz.
The six-hour time difference makes it possible for RADIO DARC program to serve up-to-date World Championship news to North America's radio amateurs as a "breakfast radio" show. In order to reach North America a 300 kW transmitter and a 20 dB gain directional antenna will be used from the broadcasting center near Vienna. The contest starts today at 12.00 UTC.

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