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After the WRTC stations stopped operating at 2:00 pm local time yesterday, DM5WF, Frank, also felt the tension of the past few weeks and months.

Frank sought out all the sites last year and talked to many regional land owners about the WRTC. His investment of thousands of miles and certainly a thousand hours for the WRTC are an incredible achievement.

"Always keeping an eye on the online scoreboard, I headed to our old field day site in Kosilenzien shortly before the end of the contest," Frank reported. Here one of the German teams was located consisting of Manfred Wolf, DJ5MW and Stefan von Balz, DL1IAO. Two well-known figures in the contest scene who came third in the WRTC2014 in the USA.

In a loud voice, Rusty, W6OAT, who had been watching the two competitors for 24 hours as their referee, counts down the last five seconds. "The atmosphere reminds me of a class project during my school time," says Frank. Moments later, the competitors come out of the tent amid the applause of their helper team. One of the helpers shows them the online scoreboard on their mobile phone and only now they learn what the many hours of hard work were worth in the end.

The provisional final result sees Manfred and Stefan in second place. Completely exhausted but happy, the two hug each other. Rusty is obviously also thrilled with the result and confirms the two to have done an excellent job.

Frank's conclusion: "WRTC2018 - you just have to experience it! Many thanks to all from the Y43 club who came here and worked as helpers."

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