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The WRTC is not only a radio sport event. It is also a large gathering of Radio Amateurs. Many competitors are accompanied by their partners and family members. To give them a good start to the five days of the WRTC Bill Vinci introduced the Ham Widow’s Ball in 2014.

As a warm welcome and a large thank you to all the wives, husbands and children who have to endure our hobby, WRTC 2018 will also stage the Ham Widow’s Ball on Wednesday July 11th 2018. Bill Vinci will again guide attendees through a wonderful evening exclusively presented for the Spouses who are non-hams. The Ball will take place in the Lutherhaus, a historic building, 400 metres walk away from the HQ-hotel, this is where Martin Luther and his family lived in the 16th century.
The Ball will start at 8 pm and run through to 10 pm.

Picture: The flower arrangement was especially designed for the ham widow's ball by a ham widow - Margit, the XYL by DJ7TO

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