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Wittenberg (DF9XV). The list of WRTC award certificates is getting longer: five more will be added to the two existing award programs for the WRTC which will take place on the 14th. and 15th. of July. "With our awards, we want to increase the already large, international interest in the WRTC, creating for the WRTC competitors good sized pile-up's to work. We also wish to reward all the YLs and OMs that make the pile-ups in the competition possible." said Michael Höding, DL6MHW, from the WRTC organizing team. The previous award programs WWQR and VOTA raised great interest: Awards Manager Hajo Weigand, DJ9MH, has already issued more than 1800 award certificates.

Those who reach all WRTC stations can download the "Worked All WRTC Stations (WAWRTC)" diploma after the competition completes, from the Internet. "A log does not have to be sent in. The data to create the certificates is generated from the log books of the WRTC stations." explained Hajo.

The "WRTC Sprint" diploma is appealing for determined diploma hunters, because it is all about speed. Those who contact all 63 WRTC stations (regardless of operating mode or band) within a short period of time will be honoured with a certificate. The award also takes into account the 29 different WRTC qualifying regions across North and South America, Oceania, Africa, Asia and Europe. The leader in each region will receive a special prize in addition to the certificate.

Those YL's and OM's that contact the WRTC stations on all bands and modes, should aim for the "WRTC Most QSOs (MQ)" diploma to add to their collection. The maximum number of contacts for all WRTC stations on CW and SSB across all five amateur contest bands would be 630. Will anyone reach that? Here too, a separate classification is made under the 29 WRTC regions. The regional winners will each receive a special prize.

The WRTC 2018 Distance Challenge is about contacts over as many kilometres as possible when making up to the maximum possible 630 contacts with the WRTC teams. This special price is attractive to those who can show the most kilometres from the logbook ", reports Michael Höding.

All contacts of the WRTC teams will be verified by the referees. as in many sports, the WRTC referees rely on assistance. The most assistance provided to WRTC referees comes from the logbooks of amateurs that contact the WRTC teams and are received by 18:00 UTC on Sunday, July 15. The amateurs submitting these check-logs will all go into a draw for the "Assistant Judge" prize.

All details of the awards will be published on the WRTC 2018 website at

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